Lauren (Jennifer Milmore): Kate’s understudy in Boxing-day

She’s a giant enthusiast from Joey out of his role given that Dr. Drake Ramoray, and you may turns out sleeping that have your. Joey deposits their once asleep having Kate, and although she actually is initially troubled (getting in touch with him “pig”), she afterwards appears to be fine which have him. She gets control of the fresh new part regarding “Adrienne” regarding gamble immediately after Kate makes having Los angeles. Jennifer Milmore is partnered to Relatives writer Gregory S. Malins.

Tommy (The newest Screamer)

Tommy “the Screamer” (Ben Stiller): a hostile, testosterone-fuelled bully exactly who takes their pent-right up fury on anyone who irritates your at all means by viciously shouting from the him or her, from inside the an episode fittingly named “Usually the one To your Screamer”. He was temporarily during the a relationship that have Rachel, successful throughout this period of energy to hide his the second pent-right up outrage regarding her, which have Ross as the only experience to they once enjoying your yelling in the an elder couples who had been happen to within his and you will Ross’ chairs just after they earliest met on cinema, in which he later on screams in the Ross just because aforementioned almost spilt gorgeous java to the your. Terrifying and intimidating members of this fashion appear to amuses Tommy, just who is apparently in the a feeling after yelling at both Ross and also the earlier pair. Ross attempts to alert Rachel from exactly what good bully Tommy was, but she doesn’t faith your, and when he is simply making-up brand new tales from Tommy’s outbursts off frustration so you’re able to separated her or him right up therefore they can keeps Rachel the to himself (and you may given that Tommy got read away from Ross’ early in the day which have Rachel and you will seen how awkward they were as much as both in order to their individual bemusement, it’s likely that he guessed once watching it that she do diving to that particular achievement in the event that Ross ever really tried so you’re able to warn the woman just what an effective bully Tommy to be real). Yet not, his competitive true colour are in contact with Rachel immediately following she, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and you will Ross witness your reduce their temper once Joey and Chandler’s pet baby chicken urinates inside the hand and, incapable of continue their frustration manageable, he shouts from the one another they and their pets duck when its quacking irritates your then. Acknowledging in order to his very own chagrin one to she together with someone else is actually today scared of him, he breaks up with the girl before leaving and that is not witnessed once more after. Ben Stiller afterwards hitched Christine Taylor exactly who starred Bonnie.

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini (herself) got bumped off of Ross’ “freebie record”: [age 56] Ross and you can Rachel amass listing, every one of 5 people (celebrities) it’s possible to make love with, in place of incurring new other’s wrath. Ross shocks Rossellini for Winona Ryder-once the latter is not “international” such Isabella-just to come across Rossellini herself enter the coffee-house. Rachel encourages Ross to pursue the girl just like the a keen “alternate”, understanding he’ll score sample off getting his perform once bemusing their together with quirks. She is not witnessed once more after.

Tomas and you can Tim

Tomas (Robin Williams) and Tim (Billy Amazingly): a few visitors during the cafe. Looking early in “One towards Biggest Assaulting Champion”, they would an otherwise useless cameo/skit performance when you’re sitting on the new group’s sofa within Central Cheer. They may not be mentioned from the credits. Tomas initiate by inquiring the fresh nearest and dearest to maneuver over to build area into couples that they carry out. Up coming Tomas complains in order to Tim regarding how he believes their spouse was cheat with the him together with her gynaecologist. The new friends surrender getting their own talk and you may eavesdrop. Fundamentally Tim suggests exactly how they are resting with Tomas’ partner leading to Joey to help you instead crassly interrupt their discussion to inquire about in the event the Tim are the brand new gynaecologist Tomas is prior to making reference to, just for an agitated Tim to tell him in your thoughts his own small business. Bursting on the tears as he assimilates the reality that Tim provides been asleep along with his partner, Tomas begins shouting from the and you may insulting Tim, and you may ends up their friendship before leaving a shop into the a loud outrage, followed closely by Tim, which provides the six shocked, bewildered nearest and dearest your final ashamed, apologetic browse ahead of the guy actually leaves.

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