But as i pay attention tune I’m transmitted to help you my personal imaginary first love

Venus – Serena – Eugenie – Naomi – Coco – Angie – Sloane – Leylah – AKS – Vera – Shelby – Vika – Petko – Su-Wei – Pavs – Ana – Sofia – Danielle – Aryna – Anett – Kaia – Xinyu – Donna


In my opinion Birdy’s okay. Not a massive fan off her audio but We liked this track sufficient. Little to write throughout the here tbh. Good online game!

Semifinal: 89 affairs (7th) 12 – 10 – Northstar, Perun, Slazorin 8 – AdeyC seven – six – SilverPersian, spectre88, Vizah, TennisFan102 5 – chatki login aerosmash, Armstrong2000, Hanan Ubis, Monzanator, King Vika cuatro – step three – Overcome dos – Latvian, Number19 step 1 – The new Crow

Final: 60 issues (11th) several – ten – Northstar, TennisFan102 8 – Slazorin 7 – 6 – AdeyC, Perun 5 – Monzanator, King Vika 4 – step 3 – Vizah 2 – SilverPersian, Latvian 1 – Armstrong2000, Hanan Ubis, aerosmash

My Points: 12 – I really want you – Madonna foot. Enormous Assault (King Vika, 14th) ten – Harm – Nine-inch Nails (Adam, 3rd) 8 – Nonetheless D.Roentgen.Elizabeth. – Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dogg (Asereje, 6th) eight – Why do We Scream – Margo Guryan (aerosmash, 8th) six – Very Tone – Simply All of us (The Crow, 16th) 5 – Je Pars – Babet (Laurent Moy, 5th) 4 – Vienna – Billy Joel (TennisFan102, 2nd) step 3 – Duel throughout the Mist – Yu-Peng Chen (Hanan Ubis, 4th) 2 – Fairy tale – Alexander Rybak (Latvian, 20th) Honorable Talk about: Like Me personally – Jonny Teupen (spectre88, 12th inside the Semi)

Venus – Serena – Eugenie – Naomi – Coco – Angie – Sloane – Leylah – AKS – Vera – Shelby – Vika – Petko – Su-Wei – Pavs – Ana – Sofia – Danielle – Aryna – Anett – Kaia – Xinyu – Donna


Here is the first Mitski track I became ever before put in order to (additionally the song you to made me good Mitski stan). From the my friend’s sweetheart at the time exactly who I became also a bit near to starred they for my situation as i is third-wheeling together from the his flat once we had been sipping drink and simply hearing tunes with her after they cooked myself good lovely dining. I remember getting totally entirely awed and you may inspired from the one to song. Even today it is one of my favorite ever before musical, besides Mitski songs. Ironically, I’ve not ever been truly experienced like that have some one but really, yes I’ve had flings and factors, however, nothing like a true very first like. Are very totally awed and you can transfixed of the them that often it is like the love are smashing your entirely but your remain on this new crazy journey.

While i really was assured they so you can winnings the complete game while the I was thinking it track are one of the better songs ever to survive, and you will is unfortunate observe they slip so very hard regarding semis into the finals, I shall get peace and quiet regarding the simple fact that they performed very well regarding the semis and thus we recognized it a high track, and therefore Beat of all some one gave it a good a dozen! Consider my complete treat.

Lookin back in the they, although, the game try High quality for my situation. We appreciated and you will conserved more than half the new damn audio! Considering I found myself about top in what I felt are such an excellent/higher games has been good results in my situation. What good games, and i also pledge we become someone else adore it soon. Hell elizabeth along these lines has took place my looking back within game having currently taken place. We doubt they even in the event.

Semifinal: 131 products (1st) a dozen – Overcome, Poldo, wayitis ten – Queen Vika 8 – AdeyC, boreas, JMG, SilverPersian, TIEFSEE, Vizah seven – Latvian six – Adam, The latest Crow 5 – histery, Laurent Moy 4 – Povapenko step three – Number19 dos – step one – TennisFan102

Final: 77 circumstances (9th) several – Overcome, Poldo ten – 8 – Latvian, JMG 7 – AdeyC, TIEFSEE 6 – 5 – Vizah, wayitis 4 – The brand new Crow step 3 – Adam 2 – Laurent Moy, Number19, SilverPersian step 1 –

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